Monster Kill Guide


Monster Kill Mode is a useful feature where you can solo monsters (not bosses) on the map. This includes dark knights, etc. You can easily win monster kill event, or just gain whatever you wish from these monsters, or when things are slow in your alliance.

How to Use

Follow the steps below to understand and take advantage of this mode.


You MUST zoom out of the map in the game. You can do this using CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL on your computer, or using F3 on MEmu. Make sure your game isn’t full screen to do this, otherwise zooming won’t work. You may need to restart your emulator sometimes to get zooming to work.

        1. Boss Finder Mode:

            - Select Monster Killer Mode here

        2. Consume Stamina:

            - Picking this option will automatically consume stamina for you up to 9,999. This way you don’t run out of stamina while hitting monsters.

        3. Additional Settings via Profile Tab:

            - Go to the Profile Tab Guide here to learn additional settings for Join Rallies Mode:

                + Profile Tab Guide