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Let us help you GROW

Our team of dedicated smarties will help you grow while you sleep or work.

From Gathering RSS to joining rallies, so you dont miss out.

We play for you, adding your accounts to our service will allow you to grow much faster that you ever did!

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Rally Joiner Boss Monsters only

Regular price$30.00 USD

Resource Gathering
   price$30.00 USD

VIP Custom Service

Regular price$100.00 USD

How does it work?

After you signed up to one of the monthly services, one of our staff will get incontact with you to arrange the setup of your account on to our platform.

Once your account is loaded they will make sure your account runs as per the service you selcted.

You can sign in to your account at any time and play, they will automatically log back into your account every hour to start the service again.

Its that simple


Why would You use our service?

Many of our customers use our service due to them returning back to work after the pandemic. They no longer have the same amount of time to play and we keep their account active while they can't be on.

Running multiple Farm accounts can be exhausting and having your farm active 24/7 will allow it to produce a huge amount more resources or monster boxes.

With our service doing, we the hard work for you, you can enjoy the game in a more.


This is not a Subscription service its a Monthly service.

You will be billed the full amount for the month that you are on the system.

Please make sure you purchase your desiered service in the begining of each month.

Thank you.