Black Market Guide


Black Market Mode is an AMAZING way to get stamina and tributes. Within 2 hours and roughly 100K gems, you can get enough stamina to fill your stamina bar to the max of 9,999.

How to Use

Follow the steps below to understand and take advantage of this mode.


You MUST be on the Black Market menu before starting inside your keep!

        1. Mode:

            - Make sure you select the Black Market mode.

        2. Black Market Settings:

            - You need to select some settings for the black market which will allow you to decide which items to buy.

1. Refresh Market Amount:

        - The amount of times you wish the black market to refresh and search for items.

2. Items you want to purchase:

        - Select the items you wish to purchase here.

        - Anything that is labeled (Gems) will be purchased with gems. Everything else is purchased with gold or resources.

        - Note: Food/Iron/Wood/Stone are only purchasable with gold at lower level black markets.