Q) Why do you not offer a subscription service?

A) Due to the intense processing power that is required to run an account we have to allocate the needed resources for it and therefor we will require the full amount needed to load an account onto our system. It is recommended to purchase your desired service on the 1st of every month

Q) Is this a BOT service?

A) Yes, we run all account on the most advanced BOT service available.

Q) Is there a risk of my account getting banned by EVONY?

A) Unfortunately there is always a risk of EVONY limiting or banning accounts that use a BOT, but we have been using this SMART BOT for many years and not one account has been banned to date. Please note however, we do not take responsibility for any loss of accounts by utilising our service.

Q) How many accounts does this BOT run?

A) Currently there are thousands of accounts utilising this SMART BOT.

Q) Can I log in and play while my account is running on your platform?

A) Yes we will log back in every 60 min to resume the service, you are more than welcome to log back in if you are still playing.

Q) Should I sign up my main account to this service?

A) We would advise that you utilise this service for FARM accounts mostly, as the service will log into your account every hour and this can disturb you if you are in Battlefield or participating in SVS etc.