Evony Smart Bot (ESB-TKR) Version

Evony Smart Bot (ESB-TKR) Version

This is the latest version of this tool.

Computer Requirements

    1. Windows Computer
    2. At least 8 GB RAM (if less, your computer is way too slow)
    3. A processor with at least 4-cores and 2.0 GHz of power or more.
    4. Your computer is 64 bit!
    5. A decent GPU. Intel Integrated graphics will NOT work (seriously)!
If you meet these requirements, feel free to move forward with the first step.

Step 1: Download the Bot Installer and go through the installation process.

BLUESTACKS/MEMU/NOX/LD ( - (540x960 and 396x704):

Bot Download, please DOWNLOAD ONE closest to you for fastest download speed:
You may have to click "More Info" after double clicking the installer to run it.
      2. Make sure to check “Create shortcut” so you can easily find it on the desktop.
      3. Go through the installation process. It may take 10-30 minutes depending on your computer speed.
      4. After done, do not worry about the bot not starting initially after installation.
      5. Go to the desktop where you created the shortcut, and look for the “ESB-TKR” application. Double click that and you should get to a log-in screen.
      6. Windows security MAY take the file. Go to windows security and allow and recover the file under    threat history.
Please do a fresh install if you are updating/reinstalling, follow these instructions:
To do a fresh install:
1. Open task manager, look for adb.exe - if it exists, end that task.
2. Open the ESB-TKR folder - look for a file called unis00 - this is the uninstaller. Run that to uninstall the bot.
3. Install the new version, install it in the SAME location.
Starting from Version, all profile settings are saved on our database, so no more transfers! You will start fresh from

Step 2: Contact @Evony Smart Bot on Facebook to get log-in details.