Evony Smart Bot (ESB-TKR) Version


Evony Smart Bot (ESB-TKR) Version

A lot of changes this time around, which mainly includes the ability to run multiple modes together

Download Here

Either restart the bot app to get the update or download it here:

Computer Requirements

    1. Windows Computer

    2. At least 8 GB RAM (if less, your computer is way too slow)

    3. A processor with at least 4-cores and 2.0 GHz of power or more.

    4. Your computer is 64 bit!

    5. A decent GPU. Intel Integrated graphics will NOT work (seriously)!

If you meet these requirements, feel free to move forward with the first step.

Step 1: Download the Bot Installer and go through the installation process.

BLUESTACKS/MEMU/NOX ( - (540x960 and 396x704):

1. Bot Download, please DOWNLOAD ONE closest to you for fastest download speed:

WEST USA:  https://esb-release.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/

EAST USA: https://esb-release-east.s3.amazonaws.com/

EU-WEST-2  (Europe (London)):   https://esb-release-eu-west-2.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/

SINGAPORE (Southeast Asia):  https://esb-release-singapore.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/

You may have to click "More Info" after double clicking the installer to run it.

2. Make sure to check “Create shortcut” so you can easily find it on the desktop.

3. Go through the installation process. It may take 10-30 minutes depending on your computer speed

4. After done, do not worry about the bot not starting initially after installation.

5. Go to the desktop where you created the shortcut, and look for the “ESB-TKR” application. Double click that and you should get to a log-in screen.

6. Windows security MAY take the file. Go to windows security and allow and recover the file under    threat history.

Please do a fresh install if you are updating/reinstalling, follow these instructions:

To do a fresh install:

1. Open task manager, look for adb.exe - if it exists, end that task.

2. Open the ESB-TKR folder - look for a file called unis00 - this is the uninstaller. Run that to uninstall the bot.

3. Install the new version, install it in the SAME location.

Starting from Version, all profile settings are saved on our database, so no more transfers! You will start fresh from

Updater Version

Some new features including a dark theme!

Dark Theme

1. You can change the theme in the Admin tab to be the dark or light (original) color scheme.

Crazy Eggs

1. Crazy eggs has been improved and you can now select which specific eggs you want to crack.

Alliance Shop

1. Added new items:

    a. Blazon Chest

    b. Ruby Necklace

    c. Art Treasure Scrolls

    d. Material Bags

Box Opening

1. Added new items:

    a. Gems

    b. Candy and Witches Bags

    c. Rose Chests

    d. Ghidorah Chests

Dwarfs Lucky Apple

1. You can now automatically use your witches coins, go to profile tab and select a strategy, there are three options:

    a. 5->3-1

    b. 3->1

    c. 1

This means that it will use up all the coins in the largest category then work its way down.

List General

1. Made some enhancements to finding generals on the list.

Viking Scanner

1. You can now scan for vikings in the boss finder. Every beginning of boss finder will scan the viking list first before scanning the map. 

2. You only need one finder scanning the viking list, more is unnecessary in my opinion.

3. If you only want to scan the list of vikings, set the search time to 0 in search settings. 

4. Vikings now how a shorter expiration time which is separate from the expiration time in collective, as they tend to spawn in the same coordinates. This time is 15 minutes. It will take the shorter time if the collective has a smaller value.

Payment Methods

1. Added a new payment method which takes card Payments.


1. Updated images of recently added buttons.

Also, as I'm continuing to improve the efficiency of being able to run several modes at once, if you for any reason are struggling (hopefully not at this point), you can always install the older version without multi-selection:


Worked on a couple suggestions and god rid of some pesky pop ups

A lot of changes this time around, thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions. I will continue to improve the efficiency and add more features. I appreciate everyone. If you run into issues or have ideas just let me know. Thanks

Step 2: Contact @Evony Smart Bot on Facebook to get log-in details.

I am continuing to read your feedback and will be making more adjustments which include combing modes together and adding new features as requested. Thank you everyone for your feedback, it is very valuable to me!