Evony Smart Bot (ESB-TKR) Version


Evony Smart Bot Version

Larger update containing new features such as doing daily activities and producing materials!

Download Here

Either restart the bot app to get the update or download it here:

Computer Requirements

    1. Windows Computer
    2. At least 8 GB RAM (if less, your computer is way too slow)
    3. A processor with at least 4-cores and 2.0 GHz of power or more.
    4. Your computer is 64 bit!
    5. A decent GPU. Intel Integrated graphics will NOT work (seriously)!
If you meet these requirements, feel free to move forward with the first step.

Step 1: Download the Bot Installer and go through the installation process.

BLUESTACKS/MEMU/NOX ( - (540x960 and 396x704):

Bot Download, please DOWNLOAD ONE closest to you for fastest download speed:

WEST USA:   https://esb-release.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/

EAST USA: https://esb-release-east.s3.amazonaws.com/

EU-WEST-2  (Europe (London)): https://esb-release-eu-west-2.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/

SINGAPORE (Southeast Asia): https://esb-release-singapore.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/

Auto Updater

1. Made improvements to the auto updater, you will need to restart your PC after updating.


1. Fixed material production under Russian culture
2. Fixed power reading for level 3 golem
3. Fixed in-city swiping in 396p
4. Theodora added to list general

Fixed bubbling on accounts that never bubbled before.

Step 2: Contact @Evony Smart Bot on Facebook to get log-in details.

I am continuing to read your feedback and will be making more adjustments which include combing modes together and adding new features as requested. Thank you everyone for your feedback, it is very valuable to me!