Collective Guide for Farming


The Collective is an amazing way to share information between other bot users and multiple computers. For example, if you have run the bot on two computers, you can share information between the two, such as tiles. Only level 15 tiles will currently be shared to the collective.
This means you can have other people help you in the search for tiles, so that you can use farming mode much more efficiently! Always stay loaded up on level 15 tiles by having everyone contribute to the collective.

Make sure to enable “send to collective” in farming mode!

Remember, the collective is a team effort! The point is to have other people helping contribute - or if you use the bot on multiple machines, so that they can communicate with eachother!

How to Use

Follow the steps below to understand and take advantage of the collective

1. Go to the collective tab.
2. Enter in a key that someone gave to you OR generate your own.
3. To use the same pool of tiles shared from another user, enter in their collective key.
4. Any user who enters the same key as you will have their tiles shared to your collective. You both can then pull those tiles using farming mode. This helps increase efficiency as other people you know can help you spot level 15 tiles!